I made all the right mistakes….

Having a really bad day at work today. Usually every Friday I’m sick and tired of my dear boss, he speaks so loud and all day long, most of the time he tries to give opinions about shit he doesn’t even know and get all confused and confuses everybody else too. Everybody here at work thinks he is a joke, nobody likes him. Nobody but the owners I would guess, I mean they don’t have much respect for him either, it’s just that is not acceptable to have woman as leaders of departments apparently, so they had to find a dumb ass that can be the “supervisor”. Well he basically most of the time is lost in his emails all day, confused about something and needing me to explaining to him and decide how to fix or whatever. So I basically do all his job while he is just here being a dumb-ass. Sorry for the words. but it really upsets me. As if that wasn’t enough, he is always on the phone on personal conversations and he doesn’t even step outside for that, he stays here bothering us with his annoying loud voice and we know everything that is going on in his life and shit. Its almost like he has nobody else to share so he want us to listen. He likes, he likes me a lot, of course, he knows I’m always here saving his ass, but he thinks I’m his friend and wants to talk with me about his daughters, family, tv shows, football, etc…Some days I listen to it all day..then Friday’s I’m really sick of it..his voice keeps echoing in my head and makes me really aggravated so he keeps on talking with me and i keep on looking at my monitor acting busy and just giving him the “yep, wow, Haha….and he doesn’t realize that this mean I don’t fucking care,leave me alone… He made me went through the death of his wife like I was part of the family, I knew when she had doctor, what part they were cutting out, what medications she was in, etc etc etc.. Like, I’m sorry that is happening, but I’m weak I would rather not be involved, you know? Some days that put me really down. Now that she died, he makes sure to tells that to everybody.His last daughter that was living with him and the wife didn’t wait a week before her mom’s death to move out…Even his daughter can’t stand him…and here I am geez.. Most would say, just quit your job…but I really like my job, they all respect what I do and most know that I’m really the one running this department, I really like that I have my husband in the same company too. So yeah..Just took my lorazepam and let’s hope for the end of the day.


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