I made all the right mistakes….

My days…

Have been doing well, I guess,..
Had an anxiety attack on Saturday, but my husband was with me so he made me feel better.
I’m going on another appointment with my psychiatrist on Friday so we will see where I am at.
I stopped taking my night-time medicine as my doctor wanted so that’s an improvement.
The bad side is that since I stopped I have been feeling very tired during the day, as I wake up many times at night and have difficulty going back to sleep. And I also have been having very bad headache, mostly on the right side of my head and middle of my forehead.
And I have been going crazy on candies to stop my anxiety, not sure if it works but makes me feel better been snaking in candy all day.
I have been gaining weight like crazy, make me feel horrible, but I don’t know how to stop it.
Have been having to buy new pants every month because I just can’t fit in th ones I have.
The bad dreams stopped, I guess the night-time medicine had something to do with it..Now I keep on having dreams but not bad..just normal, silly ones.
Have been starting thinking about having a baby..Should I? Could I?


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