I made all the right mistakes….

Upside down………?

Had a troubled night of sleep, lots of thought running through my mind..nothing bad, but kept me awake most of the night because my brain was working non-stop.
Had maybe 3 hrs of sleep, dreamed of course..Nothing bizarre..My husband,my mom and I were at a spa resort, that was familiar to me, I had been there before and I knew their schedule. I said that the dinner would probably be spaghetti.
I remember first thing when I got there I noticed that I forgot my deodorant and I was looking around to see if they had a store around so that I could buy it.
We spent some time at the pool and my husband flip-flop disappeared after we went swimming. We were a little upset about that.
We went upstairs to take a shower before dinner and the rooms were almost militar like, a bunch of bunk beds and it was dark, very dark.
I end up at the dinner by myself..don’t know why..but I was at this table with some other girls and one girl kept hitting on me, she was a butch lesbian and I remember it wasn’t my type so I wasn’t very happy about it.
So I left because people were getting drunk and I did not want to be around.
I went to get the elevator, it looked normal from the outside, but when it opened and I got inside it seemed like a lily flower (white) so I got inside, and selected my floor..the door shut and the lily turned upside down so I had to hold in a side handle because the top still had a little part open..scary!
Nothing much after that..I went to my dark room and that was it.
Doing fine at work today.I.m so impressed how much better I am doing at work, make me be scared of living without the medicines..:(


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  1. Henk says:

    Dear ser-de-luz-intensa,
    I happen to recognize a lot in your vivid reports. But for your nights, you really should find a way to dim your Bright Light a little: three hours of sleep is not just bad, it can be dangerous in several ways. So at night, in bed, you really should try to stop your non-stop brain… We all have to find our own method by trial-and-error, often a combination of excluding external light and sound sources, and focusing (really concentrating) on the sound of your own breathing. Sometimes I do wake up in the middle of the night from some dream too, and sweating if this was a bad dream… My solution? First briefly write down the dream, so you’ll be able to recall it the next morning if you want to. Then, get into bed again with some hot drink and read a few pages from a book, or do something else that makes you temporarily FORGET the dream, that pushes it away to some remote corner of your brain. And then, try falling asleep again using the focus-on-breathing method. This often works, unless there is some acute worry or stress complicating things. BTW, as for sleeping pills, that kind of medication can be right for one person and dangerous for someone else, so there is no general advice regarding that kind of medication.
    I wish you the best!

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