I made all the right mistakes….

I’m back!!!

Had a great vacation. Cancun is great, got to relax a lot. Feeling like I recharged my batteries. Feeling better, but came back and had to catch up on work and started taking some classes in Plano (about an hour drive from home). The classes are mandatory but SOOOOOO boring I can barely stay awake. I get also highly agitated, anxious, have no patience as they go over and over the same thing 3 days in a row (specially because those days are my Friday night, whole Saturday/Sunday morning to evening.

Other than that I have been doing great, been wanting to stop my medicines probably in November, I have a return to my psychiatrist next month so I will check what does she thing about me getting off the meds and maybe try therapy or something like that. Want to start over, and stronger without meds. God help me.

Last weekend I dreamed twice with snakes. Yesterday I dreamed with an awesome pretty pool, but it had bodies of dead people on it. I was swimming on it..but once I realized the bodies I got off and was disgusted. Again I have not had any thought of suicide or hurting myself…don’t understand why I keep on having those weird dreams.. My creativity has been over the top lately. The dreams are long and full of details..I even wake up tired after all night dreaming. Jeez…


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